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An artist at the core of the next-gen talent driving liquid drum and bass forward, Edlan has been turning heads since shooting onto the D&B scene in 2016. While still in his twenties, the Amsterdam-born artist has already played on major stages such as Liquicity Festival and Rampage Open Air, set up his own label ATNMY, and has been responsible for tracks garnering millions of streams including “Dreamcatcher” and “Whatever You Said”.

It’s a journey that started with Edlan becoming known for his dreamy liquid productions under the mentorship wings of Nymfo, but it has since seen Edlan grow into an artist exploring different music ambitions within the D&B scene. Characteristic of the next-gen crop of producers, Edlan adopts a flexible approach to the music he creates – never shying away from new styles or unfamiliar territories. That’s why his DJ sets will often surprise, and it’s the motivation behind Edlan’s more underground productions including “Tree of Life” and “Warehouse Tune”.

While some producers feel inclined to focus on one style, Edlan showcases a progressive attitude towards making music with an open mind, going where his inspiration takes him. And right now, Edlan is feeling more inspired than ever to create vocal music on a big scale –productions bridging the gap between the sounds of the underground and accessible music for bigger crowds. It’s a return to the origins of his music ambitions that initially hooked the interest of the scene – particularly labels including Liquicity, Pilot and Fokuz – and it’s a direction inspired by Edlan playing his music out at big European shows – experiencing crowd reactions like never before.

While there’s a beautiful sense of unpredictability to where Edlan will take listeners next, one thing you can guarantee is his drive to make music with emotional connection. The kind of tracks that tug at the heart strings with beautiful vocals, and excite with stripped-back, organic melodies and real instrumentation. You only have to listen to his debut Landmarks album in 2021 to get a taste of the adventure Edlan’s music can take you on. It’s the reason why the likes of Hybrid Minds, Etherwood, GLXY and Pola & Bryson are all keeping tabs on the artist right now. Producing music is a lot like storytelling, and the new chapter Edlan is writing is sure to be one you’ll not want to miss.

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