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Since 2021, I started to help upcoming Drum & Bass talent through the obstacles in their careers. Often they are stuck with already amazing production, yet they do not know how to finish a track, or just miss the finishing touches to make their music outstanding to record labels and DJs.


With an all personal plan and  one-on-one coaching sessions, I can help you reach your goals in your musical career.  I will assist your productions and help to make them sound better. And once your productions are good enough, I will assist sending demos.

By only selecting a limited amount of people with the most motivation and creativity, I can keep it personal. This is not a beginners course.


A one hour one-to-one session will cost 40 EU


IMPRove your productions

Personal help with arrangements, sound design, and mixing.

GET SIGNED TO Record Labels

Once your tracks are on level, you can get your tracks signed.


Every candidate will get a custom plan to reach his/her personal goals.


If this sounds like the right thing for you, you can fill in a registration form. I will check all replies and email you if I think you are a fit for coaching.

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